Pilates studio

Impact Dance Center | CYPRESS is proud to offer a dedicated Pilates studio for our dance community. A well-rounded dancer is educated, pliable, and less prone to injury. Contact us today at pilates@impactdancecenter.com to book your lesson. 


 Why is Pilates great for dancers and athletes of all levels? Pilates increases proper postural alignment, flexibility, core strength, muscle length, and balance. It also hones in on focus and attention to detail while conditioning the entire body. 

 What is covered in a session? A normal session covers the full body (always centering around core strength) and is tailored to focus on individual client needs. 

60 Minute Lesson $85.00 (Rates available for 30 & 45 minute, too!)

 Email pilates@impactdancecenter.com today to book your lesson. Availability is limited and these rates are for this summer only!