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Impact Dance Center | CYPRESS is proud to offer a dedicated Pilates studio for our dance community. A well-rounded dancer is educated, pliable, and less prone to injury. Contact us today at pilates@impactdancecenter.com to book your lesson. 


 Why is Pilates great for dancers and athletes of all levels? Pilates increases proper postural alignment, flexibility, core strength, muscle length, and balance. It also hones in on focus and attention to detail while conditioning the entire body. 

 What is covered in a session? A normal session covers the full body (always centering around core strength) and is tailored to focus on individual client needs. 

View our Pilates Class Calendar or email pilates@impactdancecenter.com today to book your lesson or request more information.

The Pilates Studio at Impact Dance Center is a well-equipped facility featuring Pilates Reformer, Cadillac Tower, chairs, as well as small enhancers like foam rollers, magic rings, and resistance bands. All Pilates sessions are based on the traditional Pilates method with fully qualified and certified instructors. 

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Pilates Method Alliance Certified Pilates Teacher (PMA-CPT)

About the Instructor: Alana had her first experience with Pilates 20 years ago as part of her classical dance training. During her undergraduate years at NYU, she studied with first generation teacher Kathy Grant who was trained by Joseph Pilates, as well as Grant’s protégé Blossom Crawford. Alana went on to complete a 950-hour comprehensive Pilates certification program under the guidance of physical therapist Mischa Decker and master teacher Deborah Matthews. Through the Advanced Teacher Training Program at The Pilates Center (Boulder, CO), she was trained in all levels of exercises on each piece of Equipment and the Mat, as well as direct applications for dancers, athletes, and rehabilitation. Alana has taught in private Pilates studios in San Francisco, Costa Mesa, Durham, NC, as well as various dance studios. She is a Pilates Method Alliance Certified Pilates Teacher (PMA-CPT) which requires members to renew their certifications with yearly continuing education courses. Alana infuses her knowledge from dance, kinesiology, yoga, and somatic practices with her training in Pilates to bring a unique understanding of one’s own body to students of all ages and walks of life.

From Alana:

Who should do Pilates? EVERYONE!  Pilates is beneficial at any point in your life! Through strengthening, stretching, breath and movement training in Pilates, you will feel longer, taller, and more centered! I’ve worked with professional and student dancers, those that are looking to supplement their technical training as well as to rehabilitate injuries. I’ve worked with clients ranging from 8 to 80 years old - businessmen, moms, older clients recovering from strokes, athletes, and those who are simply looking to feel better physically and calm their minds.

Alana is taking on new students, open to everyone... Impact dancers, parents and family members as well! She is available for individual, duo, and/or trio sessions.


Victoria Acker

Basi Pilates International

More information about Victoria is coming soon!