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Impact Dance Center | CYPRESS is proud to offer a dedicated Pilates studio for our dance community. A well-rounded dancer is educated, pliable, and less prone to injury. Contact us today at to book your lesson. 

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Why is Pilates great for dancers and athletes of all levels? 

Pilates increases proper postural alignment, flexibility, core strength, muscle length, and balance. It also hones in on focus and attention to detail while conditioning the entire body. 

What is covered in a session? 

A normal session covers the full body (always centering around core strength) and is tailored to focus on individual client needs. 

The Pilates Studio at Impact Dance Center is a well-equipped facility featuring Pilates Reformer, Cadillac Tower, chairs, as well as small enhancers like foam rollers, magic rings, and resistance bands. All Pilates sessions are based on the traditional Pilates method with fully qualified and certified instructors. 



Victoria Acker

Basi Pilates InternationaL


Mychelle Pérez

Mychelle Pérez first became interested in Pilates while a graduate student at UC Irvine where she studied with Diane Diefenderfer and later completed her certification with BASI Pilates for a Comprehensive Certification with Dance Emphasis through Karen Clippinger at Cal State Long Beach. After dancing professionally both locally and abroad, she worked as a guest artist/lecturer in both dance and Pilates/conditioning for American Ballet Theatre’s Summer Intensive, California Riverside Ballet, Kinetic Dance Project, DeFore Dance Center and Bare Dance Company. She has been on the faculty of Santa Ana College, Cypress College, Fullerton College, California Conservatory of the Arts, Saint Joseph Ballet, and Laguna Beach Dance Company. Mychelle has been a staff Pilates instructor for organizations such as St. Jude Centers for Rehabilitation and Wellness and Push Pilates, working with dancers, athletes and general populations as well as post-rehabilitation clientele. She is currently teaching private and group classes for Sweat HB and Seal Beach Pilates.