For our dancers.

  1. Don't mess with other people's props or costumes.
  2. Stay in your designated area
  3. Always stay one step ahead and on top of your own stuff (You're the pilot!)
  4. Maximize your focus (and keep socializing to a minimum).
  5. Keep silent in the wings.
  6. Be responsible for YOU and you alone.
  7. Don't argue (Just Do It!)

Remember: Everyone backstage wants the same thing - to have a great show!

Cooperate - Listen - Be Prepared - Be Kind

For our audience members.

"You shall not pass."

No one is permitted backstage except recital volunteers and students. Dancers will stay backstage with their class during the performance.  No dancer may be picked up before the show is overWhen the show is over, parents may check-out your child in their designated location.  Our policies are designed with your child’s best interest in mind and we thank you in advance for following them.

No cell phones or recording devices.

Upon entering the theatre, please turn off all cell phones and recording devices. If you think you'll be tempted to text during the performance, leave it in the car. Nothing ruins a moment quite like someone's iPad in the air.  

Coming and Going.

Do not leave the theatre during the performance unless it is an emergency and/or especially while there are dancers on stage. If you must get up during the recital before intermission, please wait until the dance on stage is finished. Intermission is a wonderful time to chat, use the restroom, or grab a drink and snack from the bar. 

"I live for the applause..."

Be generous with your applause and conservative with your voices.

Lady Gaga does not live for the sound of candy wrappers and noisy children, and neither do our dancers. Food and drinks are not permitted anywhere in the theatre. If a child starts to fuss, find the nearest usher and move with your child to the lobby. Remember to respect those around you who wish to continue enjoying the performance.It will help if you make sure your child uses the bathroom before the curtain opens, and remind them of a few key things on the way to the show, such as not kicking the seat in front of them and waiting until the end of a song to clap and cheer.

The dance recital is a fun and wonderful experience.  The entire faculty and staff at Impact Dance Center is focused on one thing and one thing only during our recitals: Facilitate a memorable recital experience for every dancer while maintaining safety and quality.

We have developed our policies so that each and every dancer and family has the best experience possible.  We thank you in advance for following our policies and understanding why they are standard procedure at our performances.  If you have concerns or questions, please bring it to our attention before performance day.