Build our student’s confidence and character through high-quality dance education in a caring nurturing environment.

We fill this mission by a commitment to:

 Our Students

Our students are the focus and motive of our studio. We are committed to increasing opportunities for all students to participate in and understand the arts. By allowing and encouraging our students to dream big dreams, cultivate a strong belief in their abilities and strengthen their talents and values, Impact Dance Center strives to be the ultimate in dance & performance arts education in Southern California.

Our Classes

We’re passionate about the techniques we teach, the style and dynamics of the classroom, the eager eyes of a learning student. Our faculty is conscious of the immediate and enduring impact of our student’s performing arts education.

Our Faculty

It’s not just a job, it’s our passion. Dance, to us, is an ongoing education and an awe-inspiring adventure. We believe in an open forum for our team of teachers to communicate on the progress of our students and to discuss ideas for improvement in achieving our goals.

 Our Studio

Our primary duty is to present a safe, clean, and nurturing environment for every student, all the time.