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Baby Stars

Through creative song & clever routine, our youngest dancers are taught basic tap & ballet vocabulary in a nurturing 45 minute weekly class. 

Ages 2-3 Must turn 2 by Sept 1

Register Monday 3:30PM

Register Friday 10:30PM 

Tiny Stars

This 60 minute, weekly class gives our dancers an excellent foundation in both tap & ballet vocabulary. Whether they dream of being a fairy princess or the next Gene Kelly, this creative environment will inspire shuffling down the grocery aisles!

Age 3-4 Must turn 3 by Sept 1

Age 4-6 Must turn 5 by Jan 1

Year 1 Age 3-4

Register Monday 4:15PM 

Register Tuesday 3:30PM 

Register Friday 5:00PM

Register Saturday 10:15AM

Year 1 Age 3-5

Register Friday 9:30AM

Year 1 Age 4-6

Register Thursday 3:30PM

Register Friday 4:00PM

Register Saturday 11:15AM

Year 2 Age 4-6

Register Monday 6:30 PM

Register Tuesday 4:30 PM

Register Thursday 6:30 PM

Register Friday 3:30 PM

Register Saturday 10:00 AM




These Tap, Ballet, & Jazz classes are offered as a bridge between the younger combination classes and the 'big kid' single classes - They maintain the enriching atmosphere and add in another level of technique and performance. We consider this the 3rd & 4th year. Each class is a separate 60 minute weekly lesson.

Age 5-6

Academy Tap

Register Tuesday 4:30PM

Register Saturday 11:00AM

Academy Ballet

Register Monday 3:30PM

Register Tuesday 3:30PM

Register Saturday 9:15AM

Academy Jazz

Register Tuesday 3:30PM

Register Thursday 4:30PM

Register Saturday 12:00PM