OC FAIR Performance

Friday, July 14, 2017

● 11:00-11:15A Meet at Heritage Stage in first costume with coverup

● 12:15P Performance (35 minutes)

● This is opening day and it will be VERY crowded so please get there as early as


● Please pickup your dancer admission ticket by Thursday evening (Tues all day Los Al,

Wed all day Los Al, Thurs AM Los al, Thurs PM Cyp).When you arrive, you will go

straight to the ticket gate and you do not have to wait in the general admission line.

● If you are carpooling with 2+ dancers, we have a very limited amount of free parking


● All dancers are in full costume unless noted. Girls hair high ponytail, slicked back with


Show order:

1. Faith Ensemble

2. Bruno Hip-Hop 3, Chadd Moreau

3. Solo TBD

4. This Is How We Do It Hip-Hop 2 (8-12)Thurs 4:30 LOS AL, Aisha Gibbs

5. Great Balls of Fire Premiere Team

6. Lost Boy Company (Magahlena costume)

7. Sparkling Diamonds Mini Premiere Team - No stairs

8. Party Girls Company (Magahlena costume)

9. Below My Feet Company

10. Douglas Douglas Tap 2 Tues, Hailey Bundrant

11. King of New York Premiere Team - no boxes

12. Stomp Tap 4x/5, Hailey Bundrant

13. Magahlena Company