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DIVERTISSEMENTS - IDC Ballet Conservatory's 2013 Spring Concert - Impact Dance Center’s Ballet Conservatory presents “Divertissements,” a collection of dances highlighting different styles of ballet and artistry.
Beginning with our Junior Conservatory dancers, “Divertissements” opens with a beautiful, light-hearted study in four parts, followed by a contemporary solo, and closing the first act with a high-energy contemporary ballet with the Senior Conservatory dancers. The second act opens with a quintet of dancers, followed by two challenging solos, and closes with an epic ballet involving the entire corps of Conservatory dancers. 
The Impact Dance Center Ballet Conservatory is a growing and exciting program for dancers who want to pursue excellence in ballet training and performance. These dancers are continuing to expand their technique as well as their artistic expression and development. It is our pleasure to present this concert to you, in the hopes that you will leave inspired!