Hey everyone, we're finally here! We're gearing up for next week's camps, under construction in the new building (Los Al), semi-organizing a move in the old one (Cypress), and taking a much needed 2 week vacation...all at the same time!

The 2009-2010 schedule is almost complete, you'll have it in your hot little hands pretty soon. I just took a peek at the Tech/Rep faculty and it is hot! I'll have that posted for you tomorrow. In the meantime, check out the new site! This is just bare bones, in a couple weeks we'll have a full-functioning message board where you can do everything from say hi to your dance buddies to organize a carpool, team log-in, calendar, online registration, the works.

Needless to say we're in the process of a lot of things, all to make a more awesome dance community for YOU! If you have an awesome idea that is just too awesome for your journal, let us know. YOU, the dancers and the moms and the dads and the grandmas and the uncles, are what make this dance studio! E-mail us at info@kindorfdancers.com (yeah, we're still on the old e-mail server) and let us hear it!

As far as the new building...it's so exciting! Everytime we walk in, there's something else to ooh and aah about. We just finished putting in 3 lobby windows, ripping out lobby floors, putting up a new wall (and taking down an old one!). Today's project was installing the new cabinets and sink for the coffee bar. Yes, you read that right moms.  Can't wait to stop by tomorrow to check out the progress!